I’ve never been a big fan of yoga. Honestly, I find it a bit boring. I think too much and can’t relax. Zoe changed that!

Her class was challenging and relaxing at the same time. She showed all the movements while explaining them at the same time. I felt like her instructions were very appropriate for each pose. The timing of her words fitted perfectly with her movements. I did not feel rushed in anyway and everyone could take their own time.  We didn’t hold the poses for a very long time which I think made the class more flowing with no time to get bored.  This class was for all levels, from beginners, like me, to experts. Zoe gives you the opportunity to take it at your own rhythm and own difficulty.

At the end of the class, we laid down on the floor very still with our eyes closed. Zoe went to every person in the class to put essential oil on our forehead. I did not anticipate it but most of all I did not expect how relaxing it would feel. Laying down very still, I realized how much my body had worked-out and felt like my whole body was better aligned. It almost felt like I had gone to the Physio!

If you’re not a big fan of yoga or want to try yoga for the first time, I heavily recommend doing Zoe’s class at Oblique. I promise, you won’t fall asleep!