With a lot of studios closing their doors, for the time being, there is a little panic amongst us all...how do we keep on top of our health? What happens to our beloved routine? 

These questions may appear as a concern but thankfully, this strong community has come together to provide a solution that will reach and hopefully help all of you out there, wherever you are.

We have spoken with a lot of our partners recently and were amazed to find how many are going out of their way to deliver video content and/or live streaming of workouts by their best trainers.

Which means two things... you still have a way to keep on top of your health and you will be able to maintain your routine during these uniquely troublesome times.

Below, I am going to take you through some brands that have already kicked off their digital classes. There is a lot of really great stuff happening that consumers can access quite easily but even more importantly, I hope this inspires other studios to do the same. It is a great opportunity to maintain your brand awareness and continue providing to the consumers that are keen to keep healthy during these torrid times. 


Gyms and trainers offering live workouts:

1. Digme Home Live

Digme has closed down all their studios until further notice. HOWEVER, starting from yesterday, Digme is running 3 workouts a day.  You can find all the information on their @digmefitness

2. New motion

New Motion has also closed its doors for the time being...BUT this does not mean they aren't going to keep working you hard. If you tune into @new_motion_fitness you will discover that each day a new post will be uploaded with a workout session. You can also leave feedback before 9pm to offer suggestions for future classes or workouts.

3. Richie Bostock

Richie Bostock has taken his brand online during these troubled times and is getting a lot of traffic. Be sure to check @thebreathguy to find information about his weekly FREE breathing classes.

4. Heels and feels

Heels and Feels are continuing their community feel and have launched live sessions so that their users can continue to engage and workout. Check out @heelsandfeelskw to find out their schedule and much more.

5. Another Space

Another Space, similar to Digme, is running 3 workouts a day.  You can find all the information at @another_spacelondon.

6. Barry's 

Barry's have also shifted to digital to provide their classes globally. You can follow their global account or if you want UK specific classes @arrysuk. So its time to join up and work out from your bedroom!

7. Core collective

From this Monday 23rd, Core and launching a paid service where their members can access different types of pre-recorded workout sessions tailored to your fitness levels and experience. For more information, go to their @corecollective.

8. Re:Mind studio

Re:mind Studio have also jumped on the trend to ensure their beloved customers can still access classes online. This is obviously massively helpful to those looking to maintain their routine. You can access their schedule here or get more information at @remindstudio.