September is over (almost). The new season is in. Which is obviously exciting. But that’s not all.


London, for all that we know, is always active. We love it for this very reason. It is exciting, it is diverse and it is always vibrant.


This weekend, in particular, the city has stepped up. There are so many exciting events going on that we felt a need to talk about them today.


  1. Ciderfest: 27-29 Sept at Canopy Market (King's Cross) – For all things cider, this is your community. Producers from all over the country showcase and sell their products. If you have even just a faint interest in cider, make sure to get down and absorb as much information as you can from the experts (there are plenty of activities happening too)(Londonist).


  1. Urban Arts Festival: 28-29 Sept at Wembley Park (FREE) Agility is not my strong point, nonetheless, watching those with this characteristic is always fascinating. For two days, you can immerse yourself in a honeypot of breakdancers, skateboarders, free runners, graffiti artists, DJs and like music. Lots of local talent will be showcasing their skills during this FREE event (Londonist)


  1. Japan week in London (until 3rd Oct:) 29 Sept The Foodism x Japan Matsuri Festival at Trafalgar Square A 10-day event celebrating Japan’s tradition’s, culture and cuisine. If you have any sense, you will do your best to sample this. As somebody who has been to Japan, I couldn’t speak more highly of the above! You will be able to watch taiko drumming and martial arts, learn calligraphy and tuck into food provided by both the Japan Centre and Yoshino (Time Out).


  1. Camden's Official Oktoberfest: 28 Sept at Electric Ballroom – if you need a reason to drink, we have it here at Oktoberfest. A host of events will be taking place from Brixton to Camden, Bermondsey to Fulham (Londonist). In Camden, around 6,000 tickets are up for grabs. My understanding is that they are going to transform the Electric Ballroom into a Bavarian beer hall, with staff wearing traditional dirndl and lederhosen and singalongs galore (Standard).


  1. Regatta London: 28 Sept at various locations thousands of people this weekend will grab a rowing boat, paddleboard or a kayak (as you do) to raise money for charity. The Regatta is happening across two routes – the London Crossing and the Big Ben Challenges. Although it’s too late to sign-up, you can still watch the action from the riverbanks, or from the two event areas in Putney and Greenwich (Londonist).