Get in shape for the holiday. The festive season is upon us and this period requires a lot (and I mean A LOT) of body maintenance. Staying in shape during these testing times can be difficult. So we want to give you some extra motivation to ensure that you enter 2020 the same way you left it.

“Be fearless in trying new things, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional, since being afraid can challenge you to go to the next level.” –Rita Wilson

So next week, we want to try something that promotes all spheres of health and wellness in this city. But to promote everybody doing good... we need your help. Between December 9th – 15th we want you to try something for the first time. We want to challenge you to promote something that you are interested in and love, within this incredible ecosystem. From a Fitu class to a new recipe. Whether you attend a class, an event, try a new smoothie or cook something for the first time, we want you to promote it on your Instagram story with a hashtag. 

''A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new'' –Albert Einstein

Trying something for the first time is an important part of our mission here at Fitu. We believe that you discover more about yourself when working on something new – sometimes you realise it’s not for you, but usually, you uncover a new passion or skill that you will embrace for years to come. We already offer Taster prices for Studios that you haven’t visited for this exact reason – this is to encourage you to try it just once (as we know you’ll come back). However, we understand that exercise is not the only part of a healthy and happy life and so we're here to promote a holistic approach towards health.

How it works?

The way this competition works is simple:

1. Sign up to this form HERE by adding your email and Instagram handle. This will confirm your entry.

3. Once you have done this, it is up to you to try something new and post it with the hashtag #FituChallenge. For each new discovery, share your experience on your Instagram using the hashtag and tag our handle

4. If you can discover something new on each day, you will be entered into winning one of our three incredible prizes!

5. Don't forget that for your entries to be valid, you must complete the Fitu Challenge Form. By submitting your email address and Instagram handle, you are entering yourself into this year's challenge.

6. Lastly, promote! Your support will help every one of us, so make sure to tag others in your stories/posts.


What you could win:

  • A bunch of free classes
  • A bunch of promo codes to spend on Fitu classes
  • Some Fitu freebies

How your week might look / activities to inspire your week:

  1. Monday – Take a night class with Fitu
  2. Tuesday – Make a lunch using Cru8 Paleo Bread
  3. Wednesday – Take a lunch-time class
  4. Thursday – Buy somebody a present
  5. Friday – Try a non-alcoholic drink
  6. Saturday – Ask someone you don’t normally take classes with to take a class with you
  7. Sunday – go for brunch at The Good Life Eatery
  1. Monday – Try a workout you normally don’t like and give it everything
  2. Tuesday – Put your phone away for an hour before bed (it will improve your sleep!).
  3. Wednesday – Do an activity alone that you normally do with a friend
  4. Thursday – Try a new vegan recipe out from Tattooed Tomato
  5. Friday – Try a morning class
  6. Saturday – Buy a present for yourself- ilapothecary
  7. Sunday – go for coffee at the Farm Girl Café
  1. Monday – Go to a different coffee shop for once
  2. Tuesday – Put your phone away for an hour before bed (it will improve your sleep!).
  3. Wednesday – Try out a new class that you’ve never heard of
  4. Thursday – Call somebody over the phone to chat
  5. Friday – Eat at Bubala
  6. Saturday – Invite a friend and try out a class together
  7. Sunday – Make a Sunday meal for your loved ones with one of Dahlia’s recipes