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Rodrigo Contreras

Fitu Content Ambassador


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I'm on a personal and professional mission to help thousands of people to stay active and meet active people. I have a strong belief that the best way to achieve this is to have the flexibility to join any fitness activities that are happening around you. I have personally witnessed the life-changing effects when you connect people through fitness. It's when you feel most alive, most yourself, and most at peace.

Born and Raised:
El Salvador
Health and Fitness

My personal mantra-  Get shit done

A person who inspires me- My momma!   

My favourite meal- Burritos and pupusas, you can stuff them with anything... 

In my gym bag you will find… Head phones, water and a post workout snack/drink  

On my rest day… I go to the beach!   

My motivation comes from... people that are driven by a purpose.



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