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Ale Melara

Fitu Content Ambassador


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About me:

Inbound Marketer and Content Creator by day, CrossFit junkie by night. 

I’ve always been an athlete, as a kid, I practiced tennis, volleyball, ballet, jazz and eventually became a gym rat in high school. In college, I did my thesis around an ethnography that had Crossfitters and Runners as main study subjects. I basically had to eat, live, breathe Crossfit for about 6 months. While I was living as my subjects I became one of them in no time. 

I’ve been living the remote life for the past 4-5 years. This has allowed me to live life at its fullest by working from anywhere in the world. I’m a native wanderer and a nomad soul. 

My days usually revolve around marketing, my daily dose of training and a good night sleep. My schedule and day to day activities revolve around my meals and my training. Through time my perspective on life and what I thought to be true in the fitness world changed. 

Fridays at the bar have a different meaning now. It’s still a bar, but a different kind of bar(bell). I use Friday nights to sleep since Saturdays are usually one of the toughest days of training. I don’t mind going to bed at 9 on a Friday night but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a couple of drinks or a night out with friends.

Born and Raised:
El Salvador

My personal mantra...  A ship at harbor is always safe but that’s not what ships are built for.

A person who inspires me... Queen Rania of Jordan & Tia Clair Tommey (Fittest Woman on Earth)

My favourite meal... Breakfast/ protein pancakes all day errday 

In my gym bag you will find… Bandaids and first aid kit (I’m always ripping my hands with pullups), protective gear (wrist wraps, knee sleeves, grips, lifting belt) jump rope, an extra shirt and a pair of shoes.  

On my rest day… Namastey in bed with my dog

My motivation comes from... My training partners and friends. Basically my gym group. They motivate me and bring out a better version of myself with every workout.



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