Grains and the phrase ‘some serious health benefits’ go hand-in-hand. Grains have different flavours and textures and work well in a variety of dishes. They help bring out the best in your soups and stews, empowering your dish with texture and are widely used for low-glycemic diets. Not only are they aesthetic and Instagram worthy (see picture below) but they carry so much history and have become a vital part of the human diet (Real Simple).

This week, at Fitu, we sat down and debated our favourites grains (yes, we like to have fun in the office). After hours of heated discussion, we managed to settle on the following list:


1. Buckwheat:

Anti-inflammatory and high in fibre. Surprisingly, buckwheat is not related to wheat and is, in fact, a fruit seed belonging to the rhubarb family. It does a terrific job in absorbing flavours when cooked with the right fragrant seasonings (think beetroot and goats cheese with walnuts).

2. Kamut (a variety of large heirloom wheat):

High in protein, minerals and fibre. An ancient variety of hard wheat. Yet, it is higher in protein and more nutritious than common wheat. Containing more selenium, magnesium and zinc (BBC Good Food).

3. Bulgur (Boiled, dried and cracked wheat):

High in fibre, magnesium, potassium and iron. Very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine and often compliments all of the vibrant flavours and textures that this region brings to the scene (Real Simple).

4. Quinoa (small and round seeds):

Is considered a complete protein as it contains all essential amino acids. If you haven’t come across quinoa by now, then there something is wrong (red flags galore!)… In the blink of an eye, this underappreciated grain (technically a herb) (Maria Ushakova) became an overnight sensation – and a super-grain.

5.Black rice (Whole grain):

Good source of iron and fibre. ‘Forbidden Rice’: as folklore suggests, black rice was the rice of the emperor of China. It was reserved for his health and longevity and forbidden to anyone else. Now it’s your turn for health and longevity.