Let’s have some real talk here, working out isn’t easy. Even for those of us who are fitness, gym, and sports freaks we struggle every now and then with getting our workout in.

Some days our body is too tired, we feel the laziness kicking in and all we want to do is lay in bed and watch a movie. 

Before COVID hit, and whenever I was feeling lazy I had a few motivations that would get me to work out. For example, I would force myself to go to the gym because let’s face it, I had a (not so cheap) membership and I wanted to make the best use out of it. Or I would get a message from one of my gym girlfriends that pushed me to get out of my house and meet them at the gym.

We’ve now been on lockdown for almost 3 months and those motivations completely disappeared. 

You had to find an appropriate room or space in your home, you’ve had to find heavy stuff around the house to lift - if you’re used to doing weight workouts, and in my case buy my own equipment. 

Working out by yourself, or staring at a wall while you run down the treadmill can definitely turn the lazy mindset switch on and keep you from working out.

Coming from a Crossfit environment where community and doing varied workouts every day was my biggest motivation, being forced to work out by myself took a toll on my training schedule. 

After almost three months of struggle, I can tell you 6 things that have helped me get over the lazy mindset and get my workout in on those days when I was just not feeling it and needed some extra motivation. 

1. Set yourself a workout schedule

Having a fixed schedule will put your mind in training mode. 

Everyone is different, find a time of the day that works for YOU. If you’re an early bird and prefer to get your workout out of the way, do your workout in the morning, or if you’re like me and use your workout to unwind from the stress of the day do your training in the evening. 

Now that we’re all working or studying from home, it’s easier to find a time to workout. You can get a 15-minute run or do a yoga practice in between meetings. 

Think about it you literally have a gym at your office (what you’ve always wanted) take advantage of it and get moving.


2. Put on your workout clothes

Since you don’t have to go to the office or school anymore you might as well wear your workout clothes all day. 

This will put your brain in training mode as well, I even wear my tennis shoes throughout my workday. When the clock hits 6 o’clock I just close my laptop and I’m ready to roll. 

If you’re working out at the beginning of the day, it even helps to sleep in your workout clothes and leave your tennis shoes at the side of your bed. 


3. Get yourself a Zoom workout buddy

One of the things that are most effective, is having someone else to train with. You can use each other to motivate yourself. 

There have been times when the only thing that has gotten me out of bed is seeing my friend’s messages to wake up and seeing a zoom link pop-up on my screen for our training session. 

If you don’t have a gym partner or your friends are not into fitness, worry not, there are several gyms and trainers who are doing live sessions on Instagram, Facebook, or Zoom. If you need help finding a training session that fits you Fituapp allows you to see what classes are happening day by day and book a spot within a few taps. 

Several gyms have been able to stay in business and virtually open up their doors to their members through online classes and paid memberships. It’s a win/win situation, you help your gym stay in business and you’ll still have someone to workout with. 

4. Take out your equipment

Don’t hide your training equipment in the closet, leave it out in the open and in a place that will be easily accessible. 

I can say that the weeks that I didn’t train were because I left my wights in the garage, moving them inside my office which is where I usually work out has made things a lot easier.  


5. Make plans around your workout schedule

I know, you might be thinking, plans? What plans? 

Being on lockdown doesn’t mean life stops, we are not as busy as usual but we still have things to do. 

It helps to cancel or postpone certain activities based on your workout schedule. If your friends or coworkers want to have an after office zoom party, ask them to move it a few hours so you don’t skip your training session.

This will motivate you because you cancelled or postponed something and you’ll have no choice but to actually do it. 


6. Find your favourite [energizing] drink 

If you’re feeling a little low on energy, drinking an energizing beverage is a quick way to get moving.

A few of my go-to choices are: 

  • Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Pre-workout Shake

You can also eat a piece of fruit like an apple or banana that will get your glucose and sugar levels up and give you the energy that you need. 


So there you have it, 6 effective ways to get over the lazy mindset and get your workout in. I hope that these tips help you stay in shape and keep you motivated while working out in your home. 

And if you haven’t already, get yourself the Fituapp and bring your favourite fitness studios and instructors to your living room! and find your gym in it. Here’s a quick guide of how it works, that will allow you to still go to the gym, even if it’s through a screen.