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Things you should do to have a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to be active, you should be the one who does not just wish for change in his or her life, but takes action to make his or her dream a reality. We often think, "wouldn't it be great if", but then we don't act to make the great happen. In order to make our dreams a reality we must take action; we must become Active Dreamers. Read more

By Koen van den Heuvel | Oct 05, 2018


Living an active lifestyle is actually defined as being physically fit and observing proper diet. We cannot possibly become healthy just by eating healthy food alone. On the other hand, one cannot also claim living a healthy lifestyle if little or almost no time at all is spent on some physical activities. A healthy lifestyle, therefore, is a good balance of both. Read more

By Rodrigo Contreras | Sep 24, 2018
Fitu Experience

Yoga with Zoe at Oblique

The only yoga class I love. The perfect balance between challenge and relaxation. I’ve never been a big fan of yoga. Honestly, I find it a bit boring. I think too much and can’t relax. Zoe changed that! Read more

By Marie Prulhiere | Jun 15, 2018
Fitu Experience

My First Salsa Dance Class

I used Fitu App to book a Salsa class for the first time and here is how it went. I wanted to see how this hot and spicy dance inspires Latin rhythms in everyone. The class started with a short warm-up. Everyone was spread across the room and copied the instructor. The steps felt very quick and complicated… Let’s just say the warm-up got me a bit worried. Read more

By Marie Prulhiere | Jun 07, 2018
Fitu Experience

Fitu Pre-Launch - The best fitness classes in London

Bored of the same gym routine? Always wanted an easy way to book the best fitness activities in your city? Well... You're in Luck, because now you can! Fitu is Pre-Launching in London! Read more

By Koen van den Heuvel | Jun 05, 2018

Brand Ambassador

Do you have a passion for health and fitness? We are looking for aspiring fitness bloggers, athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds and anyone immersed with the fitness community to join Team Fitu Read more

By Rodrigo Contreras | May 27, 2018


I love yoga. I started practising when I was 12 and when I was 21 ran off to an Ashram to train to be yoga teacher (before that became a ‘cool’ thing to do….). Read more

By Alexandria Maria Davie | Jan 11, 2018